2016-2017 happy new year!

But first let's recap the last month of 2016 ... We decided, at the very last minute, to book flights to Utah for the Christmas holiday.  We were all super excited to go and see family and it was a wonderful jampacked trip. We packed very few clothes and lots of Christmas gifts. While in Utah we attended family dinners, skied Alta and Snow Basin, church, visits with grandma's and cousins, and the movies. We even snuck in food you can't get in Massachusetts a.k.a. Cafe Rio.

We came back mid week and still had plenty of holiday break here in Massachusetts. Leslie was kind enough to take the dogs for our impromptu trip. We drove up to retrieve the dogs and had a nice lunch and afternoon catching up with Leslie and Billy. 

For New Year's Eve, Chris and I headed into New York City to see Phish at Madison Square Garden. It was a 3-1/2 hour drive there. We waited in line and scored show posters and really enjoyed a nice long unique concert. After the show we headed to promptly home, another 3 1/2 hour drive back. New Year's eve drivers are nuts and we won't likely do that again.  Plus, all nighters are harder and harder to do, I like sleep . However in all and as expected, it was awesome!