Catching up! Hello

Wow! When I stop updating the personal blog I really do it well.

How about we catch up? October and Early November on the East Coast is my most favorite time of the year. The weather is perfect, the scenery is beautiful, the days are brighter and the bugs are pretty much nonexistent (except ticks). Nicholas had his first tick bite. We caught it before it burrowed completely and successfully removed it. So gross.


We purchased the most amazing leaf blower! It works like a dream and has so much power. It pushes the massive amounts of leaves back into the woods. No bagging is needed. This blower will even blow the acorns out of the grass like rolling marbles.

Halloween is a little different living in the woods. Not many Trick - or - Treaters are ready to brave the long walks and darkness.  We decided to drive to a local subdivision so Nic could hit the doors. He made out with just enough candy - his costume this year was Captain America. Andrew and Ben dressed as teenagers. So elusive there are no photos.


Andrew is taking a photoshop class at school for an art elective. He is learning the ropes. He created this cool graphic with Nic and the Avengers.


Thankfully I did a previous post about Andrew turning 17. He is driving, prepping for the SAT and has just successfully complete 20+ hours of certification to be a ski instructor at our local ski hill. As of yesterday he is officially employed.  Woohoo! 

Ben is totally enjoying High School and is immersed in school work, Latin and Chinese being his favorites. I'm not sure If I ever mentioned it but he made the freshman soccer team and had an awesome undefeated season. He is now playing Futsal and practicing weekly with a competition team. If you want to reach Ben, send him a snapchat.


We are still playing tourist over the weekends when we can. We've enjoyed a couple of long days in the city. Walking the Freedom Trail, exploring the North End, Ice Skating at Boston Common Frog Pond and a visit to the Aquarium. Boston is a great city for Pokemon hunting so Nicholas does not mind walking around.


I took a quick 3 day trip to New Jersey for Stampin' Up!'s OnStage convention. I drove down myself (about 4 hours) got lost in downtown New York along the way. I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones. I was selected to be one of the project display stampers for the event and created over 15 fun projects that highlight new products from the upcoming Occasions catalog. If  interested, you can see many of those on my creative blog.


Chris and I are lucky that Andrew and Benjamin are such great sitters. We've enjoyed a couple of really fun date nights.


Thanksgiving was wonderful and intimate. I made the entire meal (2nd year in a row Chris!). Food was delicious and not to hard to prepare.  Leslie came down an stayed and introduced me to the Gilmore Girls. I had never seen it before and now I am a huge fan. I love Netflix!

Chris and I did a little black Friday shopping, on Friday! No stores are open here on Thursday which is super nice. The parking lots were virtually empty. It was so weird.


The house is all decorated and we are ready for Christmas. I've been making caramels left and right. The shopping is done. Cards are mailed. We are basically enjoying a low key December. Our Elf, Elfy, has been making daily appearances. Some days he is more creative than others. Hopefully more to come if I can get my act together. Happy Holidays!