Stampin' Up! Convention 2013

I'm a sucker. You all thought I'd quit SU, and I have, almost... sort of.  I've worked for Stampin' Up! for over 10 years—25% of my life.  Fun times. And I just can't stay away, completely and forever.  I seriously love this company, the people who work there and the products. I seem to always keep myself involved in some way. I am still a demonstrator and actively sell the products. I do some product related freelance design, and this year I applied and was accepted to stamp a few samples for the display boards.  More on this later.

Last year I decided I would attend convention and asked my friend Joellyn to go with me.  Joellyn is also a former 10 year SU employee and is currently a demonstrator.  She quit and moved to Montana 3 years ago to be an amazing FARMER. Her personal blog is here. She agreed to go, and we saved our pennies to attend. Oh yeah baby, former employees pay full price to attend. Hence, sucker(s). But we were happy to pay as the event was a super fun time and a great opportunity to see all of our old friends in one place, at one time.

We had a wonderful three days of convention, good food (not made at home), and shopping. SHOPPING! All of these things are a rare treat for both of us.  We even we able to get in a THAI dinner with the amazing Paula.

I snapped a few CRAPPY photos of the event with my phone.  I decided not to take my big camera (BIG FAT NO), too many years of lugging a big camera around.  Crappy photos aside, it was a fun time and so awesome to catch up with the many folks we happened upon.

Turns out I am not the greatest duo "selfie" photo taker. Oh well. We were there. Joellyn - sorry in advance for the bad photos.  You (and I) are WAY, WAY, cuter in real life.

6000 demonstrators. Whoa - lots of stampers & swaps.  Super crowded but still fun.

We tried to document that we participated in the service project.  Bad crop. We made a "fference".

And again, bad crop but here we are in a general session among the thousands.  Where are our glittery hats?

This was Su's 25th anniversary celebration.  Both Joellyn and I helped create 10 great years at SU and it was rewarding to participate in some way.

A yummy cupcake I shouldn't of eaten. 

Shadows at convention center. Still trying to keep up with my photo a day project challenges.

Amazing hand carved stamps, created in minutes by SU demos.

And... the display boards. Thousands of cards made by selected demonstrators posted to inspire others.  

Over the next few days I'll post some of the samples that I was asked to create for these display boards.  It was a super fun experience and one I hope I get to work on again.

Happy 25th year SU.