Not broken

Fairly eventful around here. We spent a few hours at the doctor today. I had a sick worry that Ben had broken his arm (elbow) area. He had an accident at school and was refusing to move his arm. Luckily I was wrong. Just badly bruised, scraped and swollen and painful to move. Ben is happy to wear a sling for the next week to keep it fairly immobile. Apparently that helps the swelling?

Today was so warm that we hit the yard work hard. I planted flower pots and got the garden in while Chris focused on the yard. The boys enjoyed water fights, popsicles, Dr. Who marathon and batting practice. 

Soccer today (gladiators won, Ben scored with a header in the last 5 minutes of he game) and baseball  for Andrew last night. Nic fell asleep at the game. 

Enjoying being crazy busy.