Breadsticks, sprinklers & sports

Another full & fun weekend! Andrew had a baseball tournament (4 games), Ben had a soccer party, and Chris took both boys to a REAL game. They had a blast!

Nic and I made breadsticks for Ben's soccer party. Hit the playground hard before the baseball games and enjoyed outdoor time at the games. While I wore sunscreen I still broke out in sun hives on my upper chest and tops of feet. Stinking sun allergy!

Nic is napping, just not when and where I want him too.

I've been hardening off my plants and Saturday night I forgot to bring them indoors. I freaked out a little bit. I think they'll be ok, a little worse for the wear but survived. I'm a gardening loser!

Somehow we fit in turning on the sprinklers, a little yard work and bike riding.

This family is ready to keep the warmer weather.