Big news!!!

Well... we've done it. We are making some big changes.  Actually ONE BIG CHANGE!  Last week I resigned from my position at Stampin' Up! in order spend all of my time at home with the family. SAY WHAT?!  I know, it's seems a little surreal and crazy but not sudden. It was a big decision that we had been mulling over since Nicholas was born. After nearly two years we finally stopped talking about it and took action. I gave my notice last Wednesday and my last day at work will be May 31. Once decided I was surprised the action of quitting was not really that difficult. Stampin' Up! has been an incredible job and I have grown and learned so much.  I am grateful to have been employed for over 9 years. I will miss working, the daily contact with all my friends, and likely the money, but I am comforted that what I will gain will offer just as many daily rewards.

Andrew and Benjamin are excited but were little apprehensive of change. They weren't so sure about me "taking" all of their free time. They thought that I will make them do more chores and that we will never do anything fun ever again because we will have less money (we'll just have to get creative). But after talking it through they seem to be really looking forward to me being around more. Regardless, it'll be an adjustment that we will all get used too.

Chris has been beyond supportive of this move. He is such a great man. As Chris and I were talking about this change I realized that I have worked since I was 14 and full time hours since I was 17 (Spinach fields, Hastings, Morris Travel, épek, Stampin' Up! and many odd jobs in between). The only real extended amount of time off was when Nicholas was born and I had the luxury of 3 month maternity leave (I headed back to work after 6 weeks with both Andrew and Benjamin). What will I fill my time with?  Well the boys certainly, but otherwise I am not sure... projects, art, freelance, cooking?  I am assured I will be just as busy as before and that I will never regret the decision.  Immediately I am just so excited to spend the summer with the boys. Drop me a line if you have any advice. Wish us luck!