Many expressions of Nicholas - month 12

It's official. Nicholas is a year old. Gone are the little baby days (this make me cry a little) and onto the toddler days. And boy is he toddling, walking and attempting to run more and more. He is starting to understand what and where is off limits because as soon as he sees an opening he takes it (the stairs, my dinner plate, the boys toys, etc).

As mentioned above the walking continues and so does the dancing. He has some new moves, the twist. The move consists of bouncing up and down and twisting is upper body from side to side. He love to dance. He also like to jump or try too. He bounces on the bed and the trampoline and really anything squishy.

We have more recognizable words. Nicholas told me no-no! I was shocked but laughed. I was blocking his escape from his room and he told me no no. HE loves bananas and we recognize na-na. He also uses a Beh sound for Benjamin. Benjamin was hiding from Nicholas the other day and Nick kept chanting Beh, Beh, wanting Benjamin to re appear. Andrew is a bit dismayed that Nicholas cannot say his name. It's a bit harder and will come.

He continues to love the outdoors. In fact, he cries when we bring him inside. He is crying more and more as he does not get his way. It's quite funny. If he get's a hold of the remote and you try to take it from him you'd better watch out - a fit is coming.

We have a green light go on all food. He enjoyed his first peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday as well as eggs for breakfast this morning. I am feeding him almost everything we eat. HE is not too picky. Gone is formula and replace with whole milk. We are weaning him from the bottle as well.

He is still napping twice a day, which is so nice and he is sleeping through the night. Bedtime is 7:30 pm and he wakes around 6:30 each morning.

He is due for another haircut and a wardrobe update as much of his clothing is getting too small. He weighs 26 lbs and is in the 80% for weight and 50% for height. We need to invest in a larger backward facing car seat as he has 1 more year to go rear facing (new rule). He is a scrunched up little boy in his infant seat.

All is really well with Nicholas and all of us. His first year flew by and we enjoyed every little minute of it.

Happy Birthday Nicholas!!! We love you.