November updates ...

The blog has been a little lacking on the personal stuff lately. Sorry about that dear family and friends. Not sure why that is but here are a few updates ... the good, bad and boring.


1. The topcoat on our driveway finally happened. After MONTHS of followup and nagging our builder the final topcoat was laid on our driveway. Just in time for snow. 


2. Leaves. When you live in the woods ...  HA! Boy, we never had to deal with leaves like this before. We purchased a super fancy leaf blower and now Chris looks like a ghostbuster when doing yard work. 


3. PUPPY! Yes, we are adding to our family. All of us are so exciting to meet our new little golden retriever puppy. We have yet to name him as our little family of 5 cannot come to a consensus. All I know is the dog will not be named 'drakus dark soul' (courtesy of Ben?!).  He is 6 weeks old.  

4. Anyone want to send a nagging text to Andrew? He needs to take the test to get his leaners permit. In MA he cannot get his license until 6 months after is permit is issued. Go ahead, permission to nag.

5. Nicholas got a haircut and now has short hair. He decided on a shorter haircut and looks so grown up!


6. Nicholas is also breaking a few house rules with scissors and pencils. Lots of things are being cut and written on that should not be. Punk!

7. This weekend Ben finished the soccer season for both of his outdoor teams. Good thing. Yesterday's game was beyond cold. Soccer with a wind chill of 20 degrees? No thanks. Nic also finished his soccer season. 

8. The Mackelmore song "downtown" is a current favorite and Nicholas channels Eric Nally very well.

9. Chris is steadily working on chapter 4 of his dissertation. So close.

10. Christmas card. We did not send a card last year with all of the changes. Too hectic. We will be sending one this year. I am working on it now. I may need a current address for many of you. Drop me an email if you have a new address and want a card.

11. Andrew is joining the ski team. Conditioning starts this coming week. 

12. Ben is participating in a few clubs at school; speech and, model U.N. He is currently into watching chick flicks? Lol, send him suggestions. 

13. I'm taking a class (now my 2nd) at the MFA in Boston. It's nice to have a weekly assignment. Keeps me motivated.

14. The Armada is in the repair shop for all of that hail damage it received back in August. It's on week 2 of 3 - they will have to repaint the entire car. Might take longer. We have a rental car in the interim, a red Prius. 

15. Chris refinished our coffee table. Looks fabulous and brand new.


16. The house...  I thought I would share a few more recent pictures. And I'm not sure I ever showed you the swing sweet and shed.



Thanks for reading, lurking and otherwise stopping by. Enjoy your week!