Happy Halloween!

Normally I put a little more effort into Halloween. This year we skated by and now, after the fact, I'm feeling a little bad about it. I did decorate the inside of the house, but we didn't even carve pumpkins. Next year. I gotta step up my game.


This year Nicholas was spiderman. Another costume recycled from when Andrew was spiderman. Yeah! I knew we saved those costumes for a reason. Nic really enjoyed Halloween. We attended the Fall Festival held at his school. It was awesome! He was excited to walk in the school costume parade (only K and 1st grade). Halloween night we went to a pizza party and trick-or-treating with a few new friends.  


Ben got on the bus as Donald Trump (did his hair, wore a suit coat, slacks, dress shirt and red tie) but got off the bus as Ben Mallett. Somewhere along the route he decided not enough kids were dressed up. Instead his costume throughout the day changed from, business casual, puffy pirate, Trump and Mickey Mouse.

Andrew & Ben opted out of Halloween night festivities and decided to stay home and greet any trick-or-treaters we might get. NOT A ONE. :) I even purchased BIG candy bars for those brave souls who would trek up the hill. Instead they watched movies and chilled.

We missed spending time with the Utah family but luckily got to see cool pics of some of the cousins in costume. Nice work cousins!


This area has a ton of Halloween eye candy. I took numerous trips to various cemetery's to snap pictures.


Here are posts from a few years back when we put in a little more effort. Remember when?