Thanksgiving in St. George

We are grateful for many things... especially family. 

We spent Thanksgiving this year down in St. George with mom and dad and the majority of my extended family. Ben had a soccer tournament and ended up playing three games over the weekend. 

Chris was able to fly in from Boston and spend the few days with us down in St. George and then a couple days with us back in Sandy. Three weeks apart seemed like forever but we got back into the groove of life immediately. We were worried that Chris wouldn't be able to fly out of Boston due to a storm, but he was able to switch his flight to an earlier flight which gave us almost an extra day together.

Silly me, I neglected to take a lot of pictures or even a family picture but I did bring my big camera down and maybe I'll edit those photos one day... for now you can see some of my phone picks thrown together in project life page layouts. 

Some trip highlights:

We hiked the Santa Clara preserve to look for petroglyphs and didn't find any on day one, on day two found them with no problem and got some cool pics. Day three enjoyed family, turkey and some black Friday shopping. Ben was a great help carrying the bags.

Day 4-5, as I mentioned above, three soccer games, lunch at the pizza factory, the quickest trip ever to Urban Renewal and a relatively short drive to Sandy.

Back home it was life as usual, Chris mowed the lawn and cleaned up the outdoors, we chilled, had dinner at The Blue Lemon and enjoyed quiet family time. I dropped Chris off at the airport Sunday night late, where he took a redeye flight back to Boston. 


Santa Clara preserve Hike with family, Mom, Shawn and his kids.


Seeing the sights of St. George, Black Friday shopping, the quarter mile long line to Target, turkey after it was cut (oops), my peach pie, and Nicholas feeling under the weather.