Welcome to my new blog and website!

And here it is... my new blog & website. I did convert over my old blog posts so everything is housed in the same place. Some of my links did not convey properly. But you can search by topic and certain posts do come up. We'll see if I can fix that somehow in the future.  

Like my old blog, this blog is a place for me to document my life. Basically family, personal interests, random musings, and work opportunities. Thanks for hopping over and please come back often.

The Painted-Orange website is a place to promote my freelance business, SU business, house some of my portfolio, and maybe sell some stuff.  

The site design is a work in progress. I am working on the layout and some of the organization. I still need to add/remove/change quite a bit to MY WORK section but I felt I needed to just JUMP right in and do it so I can move forward and make progress. Please feel free to offer advice or feedback.  

Thank you all for reading and following along with me on this next online phase.