Maui day 3

And more fun. The weather has been a bit windy today. Ok, really windy. We booked our snorkel trip for the windiest day. We are cool like that. Not much sea life to see on this trip. I think the fish were shirking the wind a bit. The boat ride was rather rough, lots of wind, big swells, lots of sea sickness from the other passengers. Eyes on the horizon. We did see quite of few sea turtles, even from the boat, which Nic dug. The turtles are mammoth it seems, way bigger than the little turtle at the Living Planet Aquarium.

We returned home sun tired. There was a brief power outrage (2 hours). We napped. Kind of creepy to be in a huge hotel without power... Then more pool, reading and the like. 

French toast for dinner. Yep, vacation. Nice day.