Jazz game & life update

This post is a few days late... Like most things around here lately.

Through work, Chris got the opportunity to go to the Jazz game Monday night and had one extra ticket to bring Ben. Andrew had the last opportunity and the Boys take turns when this situation comes up.

Ben and Chris had a nice time in the luxury box and, while the Jazz aren't very good so far this year, had a good time. 

In other news:
- Baseball tryouts for spring ball are going on. 2nd tryout tonight. Andrew is doing well. Fingers crossed he makes the team.

- We have smart and awesome kids. Parent teacher conferences went really well.

- Chris finished his 50 page comp paper that is due Friday. Hours and hours of work complete.

- Ben started Futsal and is now playing goalie. He is learning the ropes but is enjoying it.

- Nic loves preschool. Subjects; last week zoo animals, this week families. 

- I'm still working hard on our downstairs bathroom. I finished tiling the floor this weekend. Stressed me out. The shower door gets installed today. Now if I can only get that plumber to schedule me in... We will work on trim this weekend.

- trying to get ready for ski season.

- decluttering... Ug

- finished yard work in back yard. Need to hit the garden area and front yard.

- trying to decide if Reba will make it through winter.

- groomed Lucy and realized she has had more hair appointments this year than me. 
Lots of other little life events - keeping busy. Happy November.