Happy Birthday Andrew

It has been a wonderful day... Andrew turned fourteen today. The last fourteen years really have flown by. Chris and I both vividly remember the day you came into this world and changed our lives forever. We sure love you and are so blessed to learn from you everyday.

We decided to make today a day all about Andrew. As you get older your birthday changes... It's less about friend parties and more about family. Today we honored Andrew with many of his favorite things and show him how much he means to us.

We started today with breakfast out (his choice, IHOP). He spent a good chunk of the day enjoying a Psych marathon (his fav show). And, this afternoon we enjoyed a family party including many of his favorite things... Panda Express-orange chicken, Legos, Texas sheet cake & bundt cake, cookie dough ice cream and Mountain Dew. This kid was spoiled but we were happy to spoil.

Thank you to family who traveled, gave wonderful gifts, and spent the afternoon celebrating with us. We love you.

Happy birthday Andrew!!! Your first 14 years have been awesome and each year just gets better and better. 

Side note: fortune cookies are pretty accurate...