Christmas card blitz!

Nic and I got together with Grandma this morning to make her Christmas cards. I prepped the supplies a bit this weekend and that helped us make almost 80 cards in under 2 hours.  It was a nice morning chatting, crafting and basically hanging out. She should be ready! And it's nice to use up some of my massive amounts of craft supply. 

Nic is so cute. He gave Grandma hugs, multiple kisses and was very polite. Sometimes he can turn that charm on. I really should try to document and live in the moment of his sweet comments more often.

A few Nic gems from today:
"I am three and last year I was two. Next year I am six!"

"I already kissed you... check!"

"Goodnight, goodnight, where are you?" He said this in reference to Grandma's horse named "Midnight".

"Grandma, you stole that candy from our house". Referring to the candy corn we gave her at Halloween.

"This ski boot is tight. My sock says get me out of here". Trying on his new ski boots.

Love this boy!