Fence finished!

It took all summer but we officially finished the fence painting before summer ended. Our labor day weekend was not labor free. We really like how the painted fence turned out and hopefully have saved us some money and a few more years before we will have to replace it.

Andrew and Benjamin were very excited to finish working on the fence. It was a long project and took them more time than they thought it would. Lot of lessons learned. Now I need to cough up some money and pay them.  

Here are a few phone pictures of the results.  In the trampoline shot you can see how the fence painting matched the TREX fence we have on the South side of the yard.  Not too shabby.

Side note: You may also notice that our yard is pretty green and not as many dog spots.  I think this is due to Lucy eating so many tomatoes and somehow changing the chemistry of her messes.  Happy accident I guess. Silly dog.