Birthday weekend!

More birthday celebrations around here. Ben will turn 11 next week (more on that later) but wanted to have a party while school is still in session. Usually we party in the summer but friends are already on vacation and such so we decided to hold a friend party a bit earlier.

Ben wanted a boondocks party. He had a blast with a few if his friends and the party was a success. He doesn't like cake so donuts were enjoyed by all. Boondocks was a family affair as Chris, Andrew, Nic and I tagged along. We had an awesome game of miniature golf - Nic stole our balls almost every hole. And we soaked each other well on the water boats.

Last night we had a two-for-one family party for Nicholas and Ben. Since their birthdays are so close It's easier for everyone to hold one family party. Less driving, etc. it was a fun night packed with boys, water guns and bar-b-que. not many pics from last night. Duh, me. I made an awesome cake which I'll share photos and the recipe in a later post.

Happy birthday boys!!!
Thanks for coming everyone!