Nicholas is 3!


We had a birthday around here! Yesterday was a big day, Nicholas turned three years old.  He was extremely excited to have a birthday, be sung too, open presents, blow out candles and eat cake.  He has been waiting patiently for his turn at a birthday to come around.  We had a small family celebration (after a day filled with baseball for Andrew).  Here are a few pictures from the day.  We will have a larger party for him with kid games, cousins and such next week.

I had to hastily wrap his presents because he kept following me around wanting to open his presents.  No glamour wrapping for this kid. He wanted to help frost and sprinkle his cake, he kept saying "me do it" and carried around the frosting package most the day (and he did help). After he blew out the candles he proceeded to stick the candles in various places on the cake.  It was his day for sure.

We all love this little man so very much.  His brothers are delighted with each new thing he does and learns.  He constantly cracks us up.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICHOLAS!!!