One cute boy

Growing up so fast... I haven't posted on Nicholas in some time.  He is growing up so fast. Too fast.

He is very smart, opinionated and know what he wants.  He has become a little bossy - tell us all what to do and how to do it.  We need to change that behavior.  He is also very sweet and tells me I love you mama, daily. He likes hugs - squeeze hugs.  I am so lucky to spend all my days with him.  He is my little buddy.  He loves the park, slides, his brothers, little people, cars and the iPad. This kid is totally tech savvy and can delete apps - watch out.

His vocabulary grows daily.  Last week he told me his dinner was "gusting"... translate disgusting.  I serious laughed out loud. LOL.

I created a twitter account to document all of the funny things he says daily.  You can follow him @nicishilarious

Love this boy.