Book print wreath

I've had wreath envy for some time now.  Weird, I know.

I recently visited Paula and was inspired by all of her home decor.  Much of her decor is hand made and so cute.  She was given a book print wreath when she worked at Stampin' Up! and I recall then that I wanted one too.  During our visit I got a closer look and decided I was going to make one.  After I left I looked online and found many examples of book wreaths but none were as cool as Paula's. Good thing I snapped phone pictures of hers...  I referenced them many, many, times.

All you need is a wreath base, an old book, stapler and glue gun. It turned out to be fairly easy and just a little time consuming.  My wreath took about 3 hours.  Here are the steps I took if you are interested in making one too.

1. Find and old book you don't care about destroying.  I found a couple of great old readers digest books at the DI (thrift store). The good thing about the readers digest books is that they were printed on CHEAP paper and so the pages are yellowed as if the book is much older.

2.  Find a wreath (again found at the DI).  Doesn't matter what it looks like because you will cover it completely. Attach ribbon to the wreath. I found this easier to do first than attaching to the back after.

3. Tear out all of the pages in the book. My wreath took over 500 pages.

4. Roll fold each page in an S shape and staple once at the bottom (torn end).

5. Start at the back of the wreath and hot glue each folded page around the wreath. Continue gluing, moving the pages forward until it fills up.

6. Randomly fill in pages to make the wreath look a little less organized.  Look for holes and fill in the holes.

7.  Hang.

I enjoyed this so much that I made a smaller version for Kylene's birthday.  For that wreath I tore out pages and cut them in half, again about 250 pages, 500 sheets once cut - this worked perfect for a smaller wreath (time 1.5 hours).

Next I want to make a burlap wreath...