Growing up!

Nicholas received a much needed haircut this morning. Handsome boy. Look how big he is getting! He is growing up way too fast.

I want to list some of his current favorite things, so I don't forget...

1. He takes his shoes and socks off whenever he is in his car seat. Annoying but very predictable.

2. He loves all things ninja. Legos, power rangers, etc.

3. He has figured out how to count in order to 10 without missing numbers. For awhile there he counted one, two, three, seven (pronounced seben).

4. He has moved to a big boy bed which has provided him the freedom of nap time and bedtime escape. Annoying but predictable. I still require a nap/quiet time for him everyday. He actually naps 1 out if 3.

5. He must go FIRST down the stairs every morning. Even Lucy has to wait at the top of the stairs for him to climb down 11 steps.

6. He is addicted to fruit snacks. Bad! And requests "just a last one" for very snack he asks for.

7. He enjoys and can color on more things than he should.

8. He's a copycat of action and words. It's obvious he has older brothers since words like stupid, butt and idiot have to be curbed. He asks... "Can I say little butt?", with a knowing smile. The answer is always no.

9. Trying new things. I often find him doing things he shouldn't, imagine that?! I ask him "What are you doing?" He replies "I tryin to... (Fill in the blank)" climb, throw, fight, get.

10. Common phrases:

Watch this mommy...

I watch a show?

Come here, I show you.

You want to play at my house tomorrow? (Said to me daily)

Where's my blue blanket?

I try?

Stop it off. (his phrase for knock it off)

Wanna have a (fill in the blank) contest?

I build a castle?

I go to dance class?

I love this boy! ;)