Handsome Ben! Life update.

Check out this good looking kid! Ben's class is headed to the symphony today on a field trip and they are required to dress up.

Andrew starts a new semester today. Some elective class changes... He is now taking art, science, home economics and choir.

Sports update: Andrew has started a rigorous baseball practice schedule. He is practicing at a place as far west as we could drive. That's fun. Ben is still full boar into futsal. Both boys have tournaments in St. George in February.

Chris left this morning for another business trip (4 work in plus a school trip Jan). It would have been really difficult to handle working.

Nic and I are chilling. I finished another FL job and have tried a few new classes at the gym (yoga, power punch). I have some blogging to do. Nicholas needs a haircut and a trip to the aquarium. He is overdue for both activities. Oh, and it's a big NO GO on potty training. Not sure what the hold up is but one day I'll be free.

A funny note: Nicholas likes to put all of us in time out if we are doing something he doesn't like. He states in a very firm voice "You go to time out!!!". Cracks us up.