DO! ... HNY

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm a little late at posting New Years wishes but I wish you a fabulous New Year all the same.

Many folks have chosen just one word to represent 2013.  I really like this idea. It's simple, easy to comply to and remember.  I've decided my word this year is DO!  Kind of Nike® themed yet not endorsed by Nike at all.  Also, do is an action word. I like action words.

TEN things I (Charlet) plan to DO in 2013:

1. DO service for Grandma LaRue.  I am working on random ways to help Grandma out through out the 2013 year, more on this in future posts. #service

2. DO more family stuff.  I have the great pleasure of being with my kids everyday and I need to make this time count.  We need to incorporate more fun and less routine activities. #family

3. DO a new and improved website and blog. My blog is tired. And, I would love to create a website to house my portfolio, business stuff, etsy stuff, projects, blog, etc.  I have purchased a URL but now need to learn some stuff in order to design this puppy. #web

4. DO! Personal health improvements (diet, physical and mental).  I turn 39 at the end of this month.  This year will be the last year in my 30's and I have some health goals to reach before I am 40. #health

5. DO, brain improvements:  I have some new things I need to learn. While I don't have a formal plan yet, I do intend to learn new things more often.  Web tutorials, build to think, etc. #feedthebrain

6. DO more freelance. I have a number in mind. #workit

7. DO creative things.  Perhaps a painting class? Nothing is in stone but simply I know I want to DO more creative things. #create

8. DO travel.  I traveled so much with work in years past and over the last 7 months of being home St. George and Bear lake have been the only destination points.  This year we will travel.  Can you say ROAD trip? #travel

9. DO happy things.  Happy begets happy.  Be happy, think happy and do things that make ME happy. Figure out things that make me happy. #happyxhappy

10. DO document life. #lovinglife