5ive minute logo

I read an article about this designer guy I read about who creates a 5ive minute logo for you for 5 bucks. Sounds kind of awesome right?

Anyway- I decided to give it a go, just for fun.  I sent him my etsy shop name and paypal of 5$.  I was a little worried it wasn't legit but for 5 bucks I took the risk. HA. It's LEGIT. It took about a week and, as promised, this is what he sent back.  A very quick and predictable logo. But I kind of love it. Charming and funny, got what I paid for.

It's a great excercise and a brilliant idea.  I'm sure he is not getting $$$rich$$$ off of all these 5 minutes designs but I imagine he is having a blast. You can see many of his other logos here.