Witch Hunt

We took the boys on a witch hunt at Gardener village today.  It was so crowded but we had lots of fun and the little cousins had a great time playing together.  I love HALLOWEEN. Now that Isaac and Logan have gone home Nicholas keeps asking where Isaac and Logan are. He wants to play!

Chris is in New Hampshire this week visiting his Grandpa (too much $$ for us all to go this time).  They boys and I have been keeping busy while he has been away. We spent some time ant the county indoor pool (I'm entertaining a family membership there and if so, will finally cancel my gym membership). Yesterday Andrew played paintball and has the welts to prove it. Ben is headed to a halloween party so we are getting costumes ready. Soccer and baseball do not ever end but in all we are busy and happy.

If anyone still reads this blog I hope you are well and enjoying your October.