Dining room wall stencil

I've tackled another home decor project.  I borrowed a stencil that a friend had made and set to work on our dining room wall.  The overall design is a french poem.  I wasn't so concerned about what it says and was more interested in the typeface as a design.  I told Chris it's says "housewives are totally awesome and rule the world" in French.

The stencil set was not repeating and had 16 stencils to assemble. Alignment was a little bit tricky.  I had to repeat the 16 stencils four times which required me to pull out my paint brush and hand finish and begin letters.  A level, pencil, painters tape, stipple brush and baby wipes were my most important tools.

Each stencil took 15 minutes to hang, align, paint and remove.  The entire project was about 14 hours over a few days.  I do like how it turned out and that it's somewhat subtle.

Nicholas helped as you can see.  The old cup of water trick worked wonders again...