Blackberry & Raspberry Trellis

We still did not get much (or any) berries this year from the garden but the plants are flourishing.  I am hopeful next year we will have a bountiful crop.  The plants were starting to take over and I really wanted to trellis and train them to grow how/where I want them to grow. This weekend was perfect weather for the build.

I knew exactly what we should build for the blackberries as the trellis we build at the Kalinda house proved perfect.  Chris quickly recreated that trellis and I strung up the wire and wrapped the branches up through the wire.  With a bit of internet research I found a great design for the raspberries. Hopefully I can keep these berries in a nice row and keep the branches off the ground and fruit at a decent picking level.

In all it took Chris and I about five hours to complete. The grand total in lumber was around $60.00. Now with all this care and money these suckers better flower and product next year.