Shoe & coat corner - house stuff

I have been tackling small projects here and there around the house.  It's funny how I thought I'd accomplished a ton of projects being home full time but that hasn't been the case. Mostly because of pleasant interuptions.  The newest interuption is "Mommy, commm here... I show you" as Nicholas grabs my finger and pulls me away from whatever I happen to be doing. Such a sweet boy.

One project I was able to completely tackle was finishing up our shoe/coat corner (basically the command station of the house). We haven't had much luck with coat racks - they kept pulling out of the wall with all of the weight of book bags and stuff.  This will be our third (and hopefully final) attempt.  I had my dad create the wall mount in his wood shop.  Then I painted and installed the hooks.  Chris mounted to as many studs as we could find in the wall.  After it was hung I applied letters above each hook so each person has a designated hook.  One of our previous problems was never finding what we were looking for. We were always sorting through all of this hanging mess and I am hoping a designated spot solves this issue.  I am not sure I love the letters above each hook - what do you think?  They are kind of obnoxious in contrast.  The letters/wall would have been better with a color tone on tone - but I made due with what we had on hand.  If they still bother me in a month or two I'll just pull them off. Easy.

A year ago we hacked and assembled these two Hemnes ikea shoe racks to run against an entire wall. I love how these turned out as they look build in. They have been perfect to house all of our shoes and other random bits and I love how narrow they are.  I wasn't very diligent about keeping the top of these rack clear in the past and so I've added a basket for the smaller items that seem to cluster there. Above the shoe racks I mounted two whiteboard calendars and a small white board to document the boys chore money.  Most of our appointments are managed in outlook or icalendar but it's nice to have a calendar visual to mark the big upcoming events.

Knick knacks... I added two. One vintage finger pointed to the restroom and a hanging vase from pottery barn. Currently it is holding some cute paper daisies.

Hopefully I'll have more to share as projects get tackled.  I have been organizing a ton.  I should take a card from Joellyn's Fung Shei Friday and start posting those feats as well...we will see. If you want to be inspired check out her mad organization skills. She's impressive.