Bear Lake - July 4th

We spent the fourth of July at my parents cabin at Bear Lake. No fireworks or camp fires this year due to such dryness. Utah saw many major fires the first part of July... you can see the smoke haze in the air above the lake.  I am finally getting around to posting a few photos from our trip. While we spent some great times playing in the water, antiquing, and playing games the big highlight was the archery practice.  No casualties... unless you count shooting a Jet Ski  OOPS. Sorry mom. Benjamin was particularly stoked as he begs often to shoot his bow and arrow.  We forgot to bring his bow (duh) but luckily Grandpa has two small bows that are staples up at the cabin. We had a great trip and it was nice to see Shawn and Lisa and kids. We are hoping to head back to the lake the first week of August to meet up with more family.

 The blue thing to the left of Ben's head is the Jet Ski.
 Beau needs a larger bow.