Well... I made it to 100. It's been harder than I thought to snap a photo everyday. The hard part has been keeping the photos interesting. Some succeed better than others. Some days (lately) I have not been all that inspired and so the photos are forced. Oh well. I'm on my way to meeting my goal and that's something.

We started back to the grind today. Kids in school and Chris and I are back to work. It's nice to be back at work and being more productive but nothing beats lazy days at home with the family. Schedule, schmedule! We got a few things done around the house but mostly lazed around. We read (I read 7 books late into every night), Chris did school work (almost finished with semester #2 coursework) and we watched movies (all four shrek movies, muppets, etc) and played outside. Uneventful but bliss.

Six weeks until school is out and the next 6 weeks are jammed packs. Good thing we are rested... Happy April.