A real post - say what?

It seems like I haven't sat down at the computer to blog for some time.  While I've been posting a photo everyday, and you can see that we are living life, I have not had much of an opportunity to write a "real" post. As you may have noticed I had to do a bit of traveling for work and spent 5 days in Atlanta for the Americas Gift mart and then another 4 days in Anaheim for the Craft and Hobby show. In between my trips Chris has traveled to LA for school, Arizona for work and next week he is off to Atlanta. Mallett first quarter seems to be going non-stop. But I have been snapping photos....  life is moving even though I'm a bit of a lame blogger.

A few days back I started to make dinner (yeah, I cook every once in a while) and discovered that Nicholas had been playing in the spice drawer. It's my fault really... the drawer it right at his height and I made a mental decision to leave it where it was when I was baby proofing.  I had converted all of my spices a few years back into these IKEA jars and had every intention of labeling them but as you can see in the photo the post it note labels were as far a I got.  When I opened the drawer I saw that almost everyone of the post it labels had been removed or swapped. How could I tell the cayenne pepper from the paprika? Crap. So I decided to do some internet research and played a little tasting, smelling and matching game to identify all the spices.  And then it was finally time I label them correctly.  I printed all the names (twice) on label stock and used the SU (Stampin' UP!) word window punch to punch each name out.  The labels were easy to adhere to the jars tops and sides.  I decided to labeled also on the sides of the jar just in case the jar tops got mixed up somehow.

It feels good to accomplish a small project that has been nagging at me for years. Thank you curious Nicholas for making it happen.