NIcholas 20 months - milestones

I thought I'd give you a quick baby update.... Not quite a baby anymore. Nicholas hit the 20 month mark Jan 27.  He is growing up so quickly and wants to do everything the big boys do. He loves the "boys" or "braders" and asks for them whenever they are not around.

He had a rough week in January with a crazy viral rash that lasted almost a week.  On top of the rash he also had a bit of a cold and was all together grumpy.  His glands were swollen so large, I swear they felt like golf balls.  We took him into the doctor to be sure all was normal, and aside from the illness he was doing great.  He weighs 30 lbs now.  Chunk.

His vocabulary is growing daily and he is starting to string words together.  Look bird, hi ma, Lucy no, see please... and so on.  It's so cute to see him starting to really communicate.  He also is experiencing some major frustration when we don't understand what he wants.  This mellow baby sure can throw a tantrum.  All out tantrum where he ends up limp on the floor. This past month he has become increasingly unpredictable - beware fellow grocery shoppers.

He is a great dancer and singer.  He prefers more modern and fast dance music, the stuff the older boys are listening too. I keep trying to capture these fantastic dance moves on camera but I keep failing.

He has a few favorite staple toys be carries around with him. Balls in general.  He has insisted in keeping Benjamin's baseball collection in his crib.  He loves Elmo, puzzles, books, Thomas train and hot wheel cars.  These toys follow him to the bath tub, bed, upstairs and then back down again.

We can make him start to laugh with just a look.  He understands most of what we say and nods yes or no to just about every question.  He loves to wrestle and likes to be chased. Andrew and Ben also love to chase him so it works out well.

Such a sweet boy and growing so quickly...  We love you.