Nicholas 18 month - 1.5 year old

Not quite a baby not quite a toddler.  I still call him the baby, more than I call him Nicholas.  I guess that is what he will always be.  Our baby, our last baby.  This time with him is oh so sweet.  All the things that were mildly annoying with the older boys as babies seem funny and somewhat enjoyable.  Maybe I've matured, or am more mellow, or maybe I am finally understanding the gig of being a parent.  Whatever the deal we are thoroughly enjoying raising this kiddo as a family. 

This past Sunday we reached the 18 month mark.  Monday Nicholas had his 18 month appointment.  He is up to date on his vaccinations but still needed a flu shot.  Only one stick.  Nicholas fared better than Andrew who also had a doctors appointment.  Andrew received his 12 year old vaccinations and left with 3 sticks, 1 flu mist.  Not too fun.

Nicholas weighed in at 28.6 lbs and is 33 inches long.  His vocabulary is growing by the day.  He tries to say almost every word he hears and mimics the boys constantly.  He can point out most of his body parts. He still loves to dance and his dance moves are hilariously improving.  Along with the dancing he is also enjoying singing and knows certain words in songs and sings them loudly when he hears them.  He is an excellent eater, in fact I am amazed at how much food he can pack away.  I guess this explains the numerous messy diapers that need to be changed.  He loves his routine, night time baths and teeth brushing. He is fond of the electric toothbrush.  He has also discovered and is entertained by certain TV shows.  Among them are Elmo (Sesame Street) and Curious George.

Side note: He has discovered what I am doing when I bring out the camera.  I knew this day would come and it's become increasingly harder to get a still photo of him.  These shots will have to do.