China - a week of posts #1

China post #1
I spent the first two weeks of November in China for work.  The culture is so very different and fun to embrace for a short time.  I really love the Chinese people, they are so welcoming and kind.

I brought my big canon camera but after the first day or two of lugging it around I decided to photograph most of my trip with the Hipstamatic app on my phone.  I had to set the phone to airplane mode the entire time I was in China but lucky for me the phone camera worked out great. No pressure photography and I think many of the photographs turned out pretty cool and pretty interesting.  I am planning to post photos for the next few days on varied themes.  Here are a few shots of random tools that I found interesting in a few of the factories.

Early in the trip we spent a day at the Canton fair searching out new vendors and opportunities.  We enjoyed local dining at McDonalds with a few folks from our China office.  McDonalds in China is pretty much the same as McDonalds in Utah but instead of an apple pie our only choice was Taro root pie.

I traveled with three other fabulous women from work.  Stay tuned for more to come...