China - the food

Dining in China is an experience filled with lots of wonder.  Lucky for us Steve handled most of our ordering whenever we ate.  Most vendors took us to 5 star restaurants. Food preparation and presentation at these restaurants is very important in China.  As Steve told us the reason most of the food comes out with the head still attached is to demonstrate that is is fresh and was just killed.  Good to know. Also important to note with the seafood it is important that you choose what you want prepared from the fish tanks.  Pretty much anything you would see at an aquarium is fair game.  Turtles, string rays, eels, octopus, squid, you name it.

Most meals are served family style around a large table.  All meals are eaten with chopsticks.  Tea is typically the only beverage served.  We all requested waters and cokes with every meal and I am sure this was deemed strange.

My favorites: Cabbage & pork,  noodles, steamed rolls, dumplings and shrimp.
I avoided: turtles, pigeon, chicken feet, squid, frog legs, and the like.