Nesting dreams - dining room

I've been evaluating our home a lot lately and trying to imagine each room in a little different light. I'd like to infuse more our our style into this house. I found this great book, Decorate. I have grand ideas for a few room and this book is providing great inspiration. I am also budget conscious. Grand + Budget = possible?

I figured if I document what I want to do with these rooms then I'll have the starting of a plan.

1. Dining area
TABLE: First we have a table that is a bit too large for this space. I have been hunting, for a few weeks now, for the the right table for this room. I am thinking we want a round table, glass or white (so it looks smaller in the space) and four-six high back chairs. The table needs to have a leaf so we can expand it for seating when entertaining. A round table with space around the back door. We find that we are constantly opening the back deck door into the current table.

WALL: The east wall opposed to the table is currently larger, green and boring. I am thinking I will wallpaper this wall with a fun but subtle pattern. A great resource found here. And here. I must have expensive tastes but I will not spend 150.00 on one roll. Ouch. So I'll need to find something similar for less. I'll need two rolls. Any resource suggestions?

HUTCH: After the wall is papered I think we should find us a side boy or a hutch for additional storage. Currently I have cake platters and other kitchen garb stored downstairs and on tops shelves of closets. Not too practical. I'd like this stuff more easily at my fingertips. If it is easier to grab I am hoping to use them more - this is the goal. This wall also houses a rarely used intercom system. I'd like to swap this out with an intercom/ipod playing station so we can pipe music throughout the house. Leslie and I saw a few ideas like this last year at the parade of homes. I imagine it's rather expensive but I can save my pennies.

Big ideas around this project. Since fall and winter are just around the corner it seem like something fun to tackle indoors.