Crazy Creative!!!

My good friend Paula recently started a new career venture. You can follow her musings at her blog. I did want to share with you all that that she is crazy creative, I am talking nuts! She makes these fabulous ironing board covers (and other things) and sells on her etsy shop. I own own and I also bought one and gave to mom last mother's day. Mom can vouch for the quality and loves her cover too! I hope she doesn't mind but I took one of photos off of her etsy site to share. So buy one if you are interested - they are awesome and really dress up a nasty task. Chris can vouch for that.

Also Paula has two other etsy shops one for vintage finds and another for additional handmade goodies. Check these out often too.

I love Miss Paula and wish her enormous luck and good fortune on this new adventure. If I am lucky she may invite me over one night to craft or garage sale with her on a Saturday.