15 year Anniversary

Today is our 15 year wedding anniversary. Yeah us!!! It's amazing how quickly the time has past and how much life has been lived in the past 15 years. We have been so very blessed. It has really been fabulous and I am looking forward to more forever with Chris.

We spent the evening last night looking through our wedding photos with the boys. It was enlightening to see our wedding through their eyes. They were really interested in how young we looked (ha!) and also made a few random comments I thought were worth sharing.

"Whoa, Grandpa's mustache was huge!"
"Grandma & Grandpa used to have a pool? No fair!"
"Who's that guy?" (seriously, this was said about 100 times in reference to Geoff, Beau, Uncle Loren, Grandpa Walker, Uncle Tom, etc. everyone looked so different 15 years ago)
"You all looked kinda like hippies" (reference to Jen, Gabe, Heather, Emily, Chris & I)
"How come dad's hair was so long?"
"Where are Grandma's wrinkles" (I won't tell you which Grandma was referenced)

It was a hilarious night spent reminiscing. I thought I'd share two of the many photos with you. Thumbs up cheesy. Check out the puffy sleeves (it was 1996 people!), young siblings, and long hair!

We didn't get a chance to celebrate tonight because Chris left for LA. Many of you may not know but he is starting a PHD program at Pepperdine in organizational leadership. This is a fabulous opportunity for him as his work will be flexible with the time commitment that is required over the next three years. The program is remote based and so he will be required to travel to LA every other month and spend 4-5 days immersed in coursework. He is excited and I am excited for him.

Happy Anniversary Chris - Love you TONS!