Blogging time - road trip pictures

OK - it's high time I sat down and actually blogged from our home computer instead of my phone. I downloaded the photos the boys took from their trip (17 GB) and enjoyed touring the country via digital photo. Here are a just few highlights. The photos from the trip are front loaded as it seems they grew tired of snapping pictures of the second half of the trip (nothing from mammoth caves, baseball games or camp sites). I will only share a few wildlife photos with you but if you are interested Benjamin took many of a shot of buffalo, chip monks, antelope and other wildlife. He is a pretty good little photographer. My favorite photo is the buffalo with 5 birds perched on it's back. I also only decided to share one animal dung photo with you. Realize these are boys gone wild with the camera... I decided not to crop or edit the photos so you can see them as they were captured. Fun stuff.