Many expressions of Nicholas - month 11

This post is much delayed. In just five days Nicholas will be a year old. But... I still have time to do an eleven month post. I took these photos on his 11 month birthday. So let's pretend it's 3 weeks ago.

Nicholas is 11 months old!!! Time continues to fly. Much happened in the last month or so. Nicholas have tubes put into his ears. His hearing and health are much improved. We took a family trip to Orlando and Nicholas handled both flights, the beach, tons of new family and 3 amusement parks really well. He is a travel trooper!

Nicholas can walk. And Run! It started with 3 steps, and then 5 and then 11 and then full fledged walking. The boys helped keep track of his steps and by the time he hit 18 we figured why count anymore. This baby can walk. And dance. He loves to shake his booty to singing and anything that resembles music.

We have 4 recognizable words. Ball (ba), dad (da), mom (ma), dog (daa). Dog kind of sounds like dad but somehow we know the difference.

As his personality develops so does his behavior. He likes to hit Benjamin in the face. Funny at first, now we must stop him or teach him to be soft. Andrew's glasses are a constant fascination. Nicholas' mighty grip has bent them twice.

He loves the outdoors, grass, ball games and trampolines.

It's hard to believe he will be a year old this Friday. Everyday is a blessing! So lucky.