Many expressions of Nicholas - month 10

Nicholas is 10 months old!!! Time has really flown by. Nicholas has been feeling much better regarding his ears however he still has a ton of fluid in both ears that is affecting his hearing. We have an appointment with an ENT Wednesday to figure out what to do.

Crawling has become old hat. Boy can this baby move. Diaper changes have becoming increasing difficult and he usually ends up diaperless for a while before I tackle him down. Nicholas loves to be chased and giggles as he crawls away from you. His new favorite move is standing and he is quite good at it. He can bring himself to a stand without any help from the furniture. He'll be walking soon.

I believe he has said his first wood, I think... Ball. He loves balls and says "ba" whenever he sees one. With all of the sports around Nicholas he is sure to grow up an athlete. This morning at Andrew's soccer game he sat fascinated through most of the game. He clapped when everyone clapped.

Speaking of mimicking... he loves to pretend laugh when everyone is laughing. It's hilarious and ends up making us laugh at him.

He love to be sung too. And he is a dancer, he is constantly swaying back and forth or rocking when he hears music. His favorite songs right now are Itsy Bitsy spider, Barney's "I love you" and the ABC's.

He weighs 25.3 lbs. I know this because we had a follow up appointment last week to check on his ears. He does not like to be weighed.

He has spent more time outdoors this week than his entire life and he loves it. He sucks in his breath when the wind blows and smiles instantly when you take him out of the car into the fresh air. He enjoys walks in his stroller and holds on tight to the stroller cup holders as we walk.

He also loves to cuddle and I am so happy that he does. Each night when I put him to bed I get to cuddle and hug with him. I hope he never grows out of hugs.