Backyard... phase 1 is 95% complete

Here it is... The most beautiful back yard. We are so pleased with how everything has turned out. Almost all is complete. We took these photos before the huge snow storm hit. We got over 8 inches... Still left (for after the snow clears) are some minor sprinkler fixes and planting of the 6 carpet roses (the color I choose wasn't readily available to they had to be special ordered). I also still need to replant the perennials I dug up and get some blackberries and raspberries. We may even attempt to get some cold weather vegetables in the ground this week.

The grass looks really good and all of the plants seem healthy and larger than I thought we would get. All of the trees are gorgeous. We only ordered 2" profusion crab trees and ended up getting 3-5 inch caliber trees for the same money. The benefit of buying trees early in the year, I guess. Amazing! One tree is almost 15 feet tall.

The sprinkler system is fancy. We have a drip and soak system through out the garden beds and drip system is set to each bush through out the flower beds. I am hoping our huge summer water bills will decrease drastically, and another extra benefit—water conservation.

I spent all of Nicholas' nap time Saturday weeding the front flower beds. Two down, one more to go. We also moved a mystery bush from the backyard (barberry I think) up to the front flower bed.

The front yard work was really needed. For me and the yard. It was so warm and felt great to sit and the grass and dig around in the dirt.

Sorry for all the photos, I should of narrowed it down a bit but couldn't... now you too can see the yard from all angles and perspectives. :)