Major yard update - lots of photos

I have been so busy and have not been able to blog much except for phone entries. For all those looking for a yard update, here you go. These are various photos from the last 4 days (after the weather cleared).

You made it through all of the photos. Whew!

The progress is as follows:
1. liner laid down in garden box area and inside of the trampoline
2. gravel laid onto liner in garden box area
3. Garden boxes filled with top soil
4. finish grade
5. sprinklers continued
6. sod delivered
6. grass edging and defined flower beds
7. trees and shrubs planting begins
8. transplanted shrubs from yard replanted
9. trampoline assembled and tested by kiddos and lawn guys. It works great!

All those plants in the white trash bags are the perennials I am trying to save. Once everything else has been planted I'll go through the yard and decide where to plant the perennials. I tried to save the day lilies, yarrow and other random plants.