We took a trip to visit Santa tonight. Nicholas had his first opportunity to sit on Santa's lap. He did not cry but was kind of zoned out (visit was a little too close to bedtime). I tried to get a family photo but was met with much resistance from the bigger boys. Andrew and Benjamin felt they were too old to sit with Santa. Benjamin would not tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He stated "that's just a guy in a red Santa suit", and "it's inappropriate to sit on Santa's lap". Andrew felt it was weird because of how old he was. The family photo, as you can see, is missing Benjamin (he is cropped out, head down, sitting on the floor). That's what you get when you ask a 14 year old to snap the shot. It is also not the most flattering photo of me and so it has been censored.

HO HO HO - Merry Christmas!!!