Many expression of Nicholas - month 7

We have approached another month. Nicholas is now 7 months old. I am amazed how fast each month is flying by. It's bittersweet.

This past month Nicholas got his first two teeth. They appeared a few days before Christmas. He has spent most of the past few weeks sucking in on his bottom lip, I think it makes his bottom gum feel a bit better.

Nick is loving table food and has moved onto breads and yogurt. His pincher fingers are not quite working yet, so he leans towards my fingers with his mouth ready to receive little bits of bread. He loves spaghetti and I have found that it grinds up nicely in the food processor.

Nicholas is getting stronger by the day. His desire for mobility is evident. Last night he had turned himself 180 degrees in his crib. I woke to find him smiling back at me from a different direction. When he sits he rocks forward and tries to move forward. He has face planted it a couple of times but no tears, just startled. No crawling yet but movement for sure. His strength has allowed us to loose the baby bathtub (yeah, one less piece of baby gear). He can sit just fine in the tub and loves to splash.

His hair is longer and needs a cut. I must put a leave in conditioner on his hair every night or he wakes up with a major rats nest in the morning.

He loves his brothers and Lucy (our Dog). His face lights up and gets extremely excited whenever any of them enter a room. He is so much fun to be around. We love to cuddle and hug him, maybe too much. We are so lucky!!!