Many expression of Nicholas - Month 6


This month is all about the chatter and yelling. Nick recognizes his voice and likes to talk. He is so happy and rarely gets fussy, however, when he is unhappy he quickly lets us know with one or two wails.

Nicholas had his first bought of high fevers and illness (double ear infections) that required antibiotics. He has been a real trooper and likes the bubblegum taste of the medicine.

He is thoroughly enjoying solid foods, with spaghetti as a clear favorite. He prefers food on the spoon to the bottle.

On the tired side, he waking 1-2 times a night. The nurse and doctor said he is milking me and I need to let him cry it out, but that is hard for me to do. He wakes quickly, wants a bottle and changing and then heads back to sleep. He is also napping twice a day anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

He can sit without aid. Enjoys time on his belly and attempts movement by arching his back and reaching with his arms. Wrapping paper is a good motivator for movement.

His face lights up the second he sees one of his brothers. And he gets excited when they are excited.

He weighed in at his 6 month appointment at a whopping 21 lbs and is considered 94% for height and weight. Big boy!!!

Couldn't be happier or more blessed. We love him so much!