SU style halloween

Here are a few pictures from SU Halloween this year. As usual the SU crews outdid themselves. Most departments dress up together and follow a theme. The art department was the winner of best group costume. It was Lord of the Rings themed, complete with movie trailer, if interested you can watch the trailer here. Our team did not dress up this year (sad, and yes were are losers) due to interviews on costume day and folks busy schedules. NEXT YEAR!!! We will kill it.

Here are a few pictures and a link to more photos that are posted on facebook. I took a bunch of pictures of the masquerade decor the design gals created. Pretty cool stuff, I was impressed.

My favorite costume, which also took 1st place, was Christy's rendition of UP.

The overall decor in the building was also pretty cool, using lots of images from our Decor Elements product line. The company served us a soup lunch complete golden corral rolls with Snyder's Halloween sugar cookies. I love this time of year, what a great place to work!