1 month old Nicholas - life update

Time has sure flown by this last month. It's hard for me to believe Nicholas is now one month old. It's harder to believe I am reaching the half way mark on my maternity leave, believe me, I don't want it to end. Denial.

The baby is doing really great. He is "waking" up and starting, bit by bit, to interact with us. He follows our voice and certainly recognizes mine. He seems hungrier and hungrier each and every feeding. The sleeping bits are getting a bit longer at night too. We've moved up to about 3.5 to 4 hour stretches, which has been much nicer than the 2-3 hours jaunts early on. I am still adjusting to not being able to get much done other than stare at this beautiful boy. The pace before baby was so fast and now so relaxed.

The boys and I are enjoying the slow paced summer. Chris is taking them to the pool every night, which they love. We have sauntered out a few times to the library, store, a quick Stampin' Up! visit, and up to Ogden to see mom but otherwise we are laying low. We usually get a walk in each day and yesterday, while Nicholas slept, a few hours of yard work. One flower bed down and quite a few left to go.

Here are a few pictures of Nicholas at 1 month. He is starting to fill out. His legs and arms have the hint of chub to come. In my opinion, cuter by the day. I love this picture of Benjamin and Nicholas, Ben's hands are just about the size of Nick's head. Amazing how Nicholas is so small.