the boys as babies

Benjamin at 4 months - check out his hair!!!
Benjamin at 2-3 months

Andrew at 18 months - he still has the bluest eyes.

Andrew at 8 months

Andrew at 4 months

I am working on a stairway wall gallery project (photos to come when complete), and have spent the last few days sorting through 10 years worth of photos. I did not shoot much digital 10 years ago, kind of sad. I did shoot film but not in abundance like digital. I came across these old scans of the boys as babies. It makes me wonder what this new little one will look like and what his personality will be. Andrew had the bluest eyes and Benjamin had so much hair. It's bittersweet looking through all these old photos and memories. The boys were such fun babies and toddlers. It's strange to think we will be starting that baby path all over again...