nursery part 2

I bought this storytime rocker chair on clearance a few weeks back thinking it was a great deal but not the color I wanted, it was yellow and kind of dirty. I figured I would try and dye the fabric. I was a bit nervous to attempt this as I have never tried to dye anything before. I purchased rit dye ($2.00 a box) and did a bit of online research before attempting. Everything I read suggested the easiest way to go about dying fabric was the washing machine method. Rit packaging had great directions and I proceeded to dye the fabric in my washing machine. The dying (IMO) was a success, and only took about 1.5 hours, however I needed to wash the slipcover so many times to be sure the dye set and rinsed clear that the slip cover shrunk and frayed. Crap. Best of intentions. Now I need to figure out how to jerry rig it to fit the chair or (gasp) start from scratch and make my own cover. I think I can fix the fraying but not sure how to go about correcting the shrinkage?! Chris thinks I should have bought the right chair to begin with but where is the fun in that?

On the bright side (pun intended) I found this cool orange lamp at TJ max. It'll be perfect for his room. I was trying to figure out how I could tie orange into the room without it being obnoxious. This will work.

Chair without slipcover

Chair with slip cover